In this video, we talk about how to close on a cold call, and below is a summary of what we discussed in the video.


Start with Your Sales Message

Even though we are focusing on how to close on a cold call, we recommend taking a step back and creating your sales message. This is an organization of all of the key points to share with prospects when talking either on cold calls, emails, or in meetings.

When you go through our process for creating your sales message, you will end up creating what we call building blocks that you can use to create your cold call script and also use for what to say when trying to close on cold calls.


Focus on Closing the Right Thing

The most helpful thing when trying to figure out how to close on a cold call is to have more clarity and awareness of what you are trying to close the prospect for. This is worth thinking about because our natural instinct is to focus primarily on closing the prospect on purchasing your product. Even if it is not the exact moment to try to take the order, we can still focus on trying to validate that the prospect wants and needs what we sell.

But the reality is that there are usually many steps between the cold call and the purchase of your product, and when trying to improve how to close on cold calls, you can focus more on trying to close one of these more immediate steps in the sales process and the best step to close for is talking more in an appointment or meeting.


Find a Reason to Talk

Figuring out how to close the prospect on the purchase can seem complex and intimidating. But since we are not closing for that and we are just closing the prospect on talking more, we can greatly simplify how to close on a cold call by just finding a reason to talk more and then go for the close.


Pre-Close Cold Call Step

We recommend using questions and pain points to find a reason to talk more and when you find that, then progress to the cold call step where you share a little information about your product and company. We actually refer to this step as the “pre-close” and the approach is to share a few key points about you so that you build interest. And the key thing here is that since you are closing for talking more and not for the purchase you do not have to build as much interest.


Cold Call Close

After you create a little interest, you can transition with your approach for how to close on a cold call with something like:

But I have called you out of the blue and I am not sure if this is the best time to discuss this.

Are you available for a brief 15 to 20-minute call where I can share some examples of how we have helped other small businesses to:

Increase the revenue generated through their website
improve website conversion rates
Increase website traffic

Are you available on Tuesday or Thursday morning? Or are you available to continue talking about this now?



We hope this gives you some ideas for how to close on a cold call!