In this video, we discuss how to build interest when cold calling.


Dismiss two ways of thinking

When I was a salesperson, I often felt like there was not a lot I could do to make prospects more interested in cold calls and that I needed to get lucky to connect with prospects who were already interested.

And that it was more about making a lot of calls to increase the chances of talking to interested prospects. I also believe that a lot of salespeople see talking about their product and what it does as the only way for how to build interest when cold calling.

In this video, we will try to dismiss both of those by providing six very easy-to-implement tactics that can help to create real interest on the prospect’s side.


Connect the prospect’s needs with what you sell

When trying to figure out how to build interest when cold calling, start by connecting what you sell with the prospect’s pain points or challenges. All salespeople go through a step to explain what they sell.

But to simply make one small change by learning about the prospect’s needs first, and then when you talk about your product, introduce it as a solution to the prospect’s problems. You can even go through the features by mapping them to the individual pain points that the prospect has.


What’s in it for me?

When salespeople talk about their product and company in their attempt at how to build interest when cold calling, these details do not answer the question of “what is in it for me?” for the prospect. Answering this question can help to make the prospect more interested.

In order to answer that question, you need to go one step further beyond talking about the product, and that is to explain the benefits that the product delivers.


Impact of doing nothing

The biggest competitor that we face is the option for the prospect to do nothing and stay with the status quo. And one of the best ways to deal with that and build interest at the same time is to talk about the impact to the prospect if they do not purchase your product. If your product can make things better for the prospect, the impact of doing nothing is the cost the prospect will incur with things not getting better.



In addition to talking about what your product is and does, explain to the prospect how your product is different from the competition or what they are using today.


Interesting company facts

Is there anything interesting and noteworthy about your company? If so, it can help to share that with the prospect. This is actually probably something that most salespeople already do.


Share customer example

One of the best ways for how to build interest when cold calling is to share a quick customer example. Not only does this create interest by displaying how you have helped another customer, but it can also create more interest by helping to explain and make more clear what your product does.


We hope this helps you with how to build interest when cold calling!