At some point in your phone scripts for setting appointments, it is important to build interest. One key thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to build interest to a level where the prospect wants to purchase your product. You just need to get interest to a level so that the prospect is interested in moving to the next step in your sales process which is to agree to your attempt to set an appointment.

Here are a few ways to trigger interest with your phone scripts for setting appointments.

Communicate the ROI that Your Product Will Deliver
If you are selling something, there is going to be some sort of financial cost that your prospect will incur. And if your product delivers benefits to the buyer, then there is a return against the investment that the prospect is going to make with you—return on investment (ROI). It can be easy to forget about talking about this but this type of detail is a very efficient way of both triggering interest and communicating how you can help.

Explain How Your Product Differs
Your product likely differs in one way or another from your competition. This also is a great and efficient way to trigger a little interest in your phone scripts for setting appointments.

Paint a Picture of a Future State
If you were to talk about what your product does, this may help a prospect to visualize how they will use your product. But take that one step further to help them to visualize what it will be like down the road if they use your product.

A good example to demonstrate this is if you sold a piece of exercise equipment. Explaining how it works in terms of using the equipment is helpful. But describing what the prospect’s life will be like if they use the equipment every day is how you paint a picture of the future state. And this may include talking about losing weight, decreasing medical costs, decreasing stress, improving personal relationships, having more fun, being happier, etc.

Share a Client Example
You can use a name-drop example in your phone scripts for setting appointments to build interest and prepare for your close attempt. This would involve mentioning a past customer, the product or service you provided them, and the improvements they were able to realize.

Discuss the Threats of Doing Nothing
One way to build interest is to discuss the negative things that could or will happen if the prospect does not do anything.

For example, if you sell some sort of warranty coverage, you could discuss what the cost would be if there is a problem without your coverage in place.

Again, your goal here is to share just a brief amount of information so that you trigger enough interest in your phone scripts for setting appointments so that you can close the prospect on agreeing to move to the next stage of the process.