We need to try to build interest on a cold call once we have uncovered any pain that the prospect is experiencing on a cold call. At this point, we will begin to take all of the stuff that we have been listening to and begin to share with them some of the details that we have been withholding to capture more of the prospect’s attention and create momentum.

An example using a sporting analogy is if we were fishing, the point where we get the prospect speaking about pain is where the hook is inside the mouth of the fish. We want to try to get the fish to bite down on the hook before we begin to try to reel in the fish. If we don’t do that, we could proceed to reel in before there is really anything on the hook.


Connect Pain to Value

Connecting any of the prospect’s pain with the value that you have to offer is one of the most powerful ways to build interest in which you share with them a way that you can decrease or possibly eliminate their pain. If you are successful in doing so, the closing for a first conversation is fairly straightforward and easy.


Deliver Silver Bullets

Firing some “silver bullets” at the prospect is another way to try to create interest. These are key points that include company facts, product characteristics, competitive advantages, ROI statistics, etc.

Have a list of “silver bullets,” which are facts or details in your cold call script or call outline. When you get to the point in the call where you want to build interest, you fire a few of the points off at the prospect.

The following are examples of silver bullets:

  • We have been in business for 30 years (company facts)
  • We are a local provider (company facts)
  • We have a full portfolio of solutions (product characteristics)
  • Our products have won awards for the past three years (product characteristics)
  • Our products are easier to get up and running and use (competitive advantages)
  • We have award-winning service and support (competitive advantages)
  • We helped many companies in the chemical industry to decrease the cost of goods sold by between 10 to 15% (ROI statistics)

Do not read through the silver bullets like it is a list of features in a brochure. Keep the list in front of you and choose a couple that you feel might mesh well with the prospect based on what they’ve shared so far. Share the three points that you think will capture the prospect’s attention the most if the conversation up until that point hasn’t uncovered enough information to decipher what points fit best.


Tell a Story

Telling a story about another client you’ve worked with is a very effective way to build interest on a cold call. By painting a picture in the prospect’s mind by telling a story of another company that faced similar challenges and then briefly explaining how you helped drive positive improvements and share the company’s results, you can make big steps in terms of how to build interest on a cold call.


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