There are some very clear details that can make good cold call scripts stand out from the rest.


Value Statement

Does the cold call script have some sort of value statement? This is a one-sentence statement that communicates the value offered.

Most call scripts usually have an introduction statement. And these have details about the company or product being sold. For example:

“We provide systems management software.”
“We are the leading provider of risk management consulting.”

These statements are not value statements as they do not say anything about the value that can be delivered. What will improve when someone uses the systems management software or the risk management consulting?

When you start out cold call scripts with a value statement, you do two things. First, you don’t throw the product or service out there right away, and as a result, you lessen the amount of guardedness that you trigger. Secondly, you create a little curiosity and intrigue.


Pre-Qualifying Questions

When we think about what to say when making a cold call, we often primarily focus on “what can I say to describe what I sell so that the prospect might want to buy.” Not only is this challenging because you likely have so much to say and you only have a couple of minutes when on the phone, but this is also a very “all about me” type of thinking.

Another way to go with your cold call scripts is to think about what questions you can ask the prospect. When you ask good questions, you get the prospect engaged and talking and you usually end up extracting some very valuable information.

Develop some questions that pre-qualify the prospect by determining if they have any of the problems that your product or service helps to fix.


Common Pain Examples

One of the goals of your pre-qualifying questions should be to find the pain that the prospect is experiencing. But sometimes, the prospect does not divulge that information easily.

When you end up in this situation, it can sometimes help to give the prospect some examples of problems that others experience. After you share some examples, you can check in to ask them if they have any of those.

So that you can be ready for this situation, have some common pain points that you help to fix in your cold call scripts.


Building Interest Points

At some point on the cold call, you will need to build some interest so that the prospect is interested enough to move to the next step in your sales process. Our natural instinct with this is to talk about the features and functionality of our products.

To be more powerful, create some statements in your cold call script that explain how you have helped other customers, the ROI you deliver, how you differ from your competition, the impact of staying with the status quo, a picture of what things could look like after they purchase, etc.


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