In this video, we discuss how to become a better cold caller. There are a million things that we could discuss, but we are focusing on four tips that you can implement and see an immediate improvement in your results. And the great thing about these tips is that not only can you adopt these regardless of your personality and sales experience, but you incorporate these extremely quickly and could literally see results within 24 hours.


Create Your Value Proposition

The first tip for how to become a better cold caller is to create a value proposition for what you sell. This might sound intimidating or complicated, but all you need to do is stop and try to answer “What is in it for me?” for your prospect.

When you talk about what your product does, this does not answer the question of “what is in it for me” for the prospect and that is all they care about. They do not care about what you sell and the company you work for – all they care about is what they stand to gain by using what you sell. And it is your value proposition that answers this.

Once you have your value proposition, you can use this at many different moments during cold calls. One of the best ways to open cold calls and introduce yourself is to share your value proposition. You can also share your value proposition at the end of cold calls when you transition to talking about what you sell and trying to build interest and right before going for the close.


Create a List of Questions to Ask

The next tip for how to become a better cold caller is to create a list of questions to ask. This will not only help you to learn more and gather information from prospects on cold calls, but it will also make it easier for you to always have something to say. If you don’t have the gift of gab or are more introverted, all you need is a list of questions to ask, and you will always have something to fall back on when you don’t have something to say.

There are many different categories of questions that you can ask prospects, but on cold calls, there are only two categories of questions that you need to worry about:

  • Pain questions: These are questions that probe to see if the prospect has the pain points or concerns that your product can help to resolve, minimize, or avoid.
  • Current state questions: These are questions that identify what the prospect is doing in the area where you have something to sell.

We provide a process that you can follow for creating your questions in the video on how to become a better cold caller.


Have responses for these objections

You are likely to face one of these objections on almost every cold call that you make.

Just send me your info
What is this in regards to
We already use someone
We are not interested
We don’t have budget right now
We are not making any changes

With that, if you can simply have a response for each of these, not only will you likely immediately improve your results, but you will likely decrease your frustration and cold call anxiety.



The last tip for how to become a better cold caller is to simply practice your script, questions, and objection responses.