In this video, we provide an example of a recruiter cold calling with analysis. When you listen to this call, you may think that the salesperson did pretty well and got as much as he could out of the call. I would agree with that for the most part but I do believe that there are some small changes he could make that would completely transform his results.


Purpose of the call

In this example of a recruiter cold calling, he opens with this as the purpose for his call:

We are a nationally recognized recruiting firm which is why I am giving you a call today.

While that is impressive and something to share to try to build interest and credibility, it does not answer the question of “what is in it for me?” for the prospect. This is all that the prospect cares about, and you need to focus on answering this at the beginning of the call.

Your value proposition should answer this question, and here is something he could have opened his call with.

Reason for the call is that we help businesses to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to fill open positions
  • Improve the quality of the people they interview and hire
  • Decrease time spent searching, screening, and interviewing applicants
  • Improve their screening and interviewing processes

But I am not sure if you are needing to improve those areas and that is why I am reaching out.


Confirmed availability

Next, in this example of a recruit cold calling, he then went on to confirm availability by asking:

Do you have some time to talk?

While I agree with confirming availability at the beginning of a cold call, I do not like how he asks for “some time to talk” because I think it is asking for too much on a cold call. You do not need “some time to talk” because the cold call should only be 2 to 5 minutes in length.


Pain points

He did try to mention common pain points in this example of a recruiter cold calling by saying:

If you guys had any positions you were struggling to fill on your own.

I think we can improve that by being more clear and sharing more pain points with this:

A lot of businesses I talk to are concerned about:

  • Takes a long time to fill open positions
  • Hiring the wrong people is extremely costly
  • Time-consuming to properly find, screen, and interview applicants
  • Difficult to determine which applicant to hire and make the right decisions

Are you concerned about any of those areas?



In this cold call example, he asks a couple of questions:

  • Wanted to see how you guys were doing over there?
  • Any projects planned for this year that you wanted some assistance hiring for?

I think we can improve the questions, and here are some pain questions I created for him:

  • How do you feel about the amount of time it takes to fill open positions?
  • How important is it to decrease the time to fill open positions?
  • How important is it to improve the quality of applicants you are hiring?
  • How important is it to decrease the amount of time you spend interviewing?

I hope this example of a recruiter cold calling helps give you some ideas for your cold calling efforts!