It may seem like a daunting task to write an outbound sales script, but with structure and logic, we can more easily prepare a powerful cold calling script. Following are a few tips to assist someone of any level of sales experience with getting their hands around building a calling script.


1. Use an Outline Structure

There are two structural choices available when developing a script. One choice is to produce a script that is word-for-word for what should be said and a continuous stream of content. Another choice is to use an outline structure with different sections of points and questions to be asked during a cold call.

Some benefits of using an outline structure are it provides more flexibility for the caller because it’s easier to improvise and use portions of the script in a different order and flow, unlike a script that is continuous word-for-word text. Also, an outline structure is easier to comprehend and adopt than a long word-for-word script.


2. Qualifying Questions

One component often left out is qualifying questions when developing an outbound sales script. Including qualifying questions for the prospect on your cold call script adds tremendous benefits to the cold call because they help to ensure that the prospect is qualified as well as help make the cold call more conversational, which gets the prospect more engaged in the call.

When asking qualifying questions, it decreases the prospect’s guard since you’re coming across as motivated to ensure the prospect has a need before you try to sell to her.


3. Include Common Pain Points

One of the most important things to accomplish on a cold call is to uncover the pain that the prospect may be experiencing. It can be very challenging to get the prospect to admit to having pain. You can improve effectiveness by uncovering pain by sharing some pain examples that other people have shared and asking the prospect if they can relate. This provides information and validation to pain that exists on the prospect’s side.

Listing out common pain points that your prospects experience in your outbound sales script is an easy way to share pain examples.


4. Prepare some Building Interest Points

It is critical to successful outbound sales to build interest on the prospect’s side. There is limited time to work with, so include some building interest points in your outbound sales script that you can share with the prospect at the end of the script right before you go for the close.

Include key details about your company, products, and features in your building interest points. Also, they can focus on the value you offer and the ROI you usually deliver. It can also be powerful to include some points on how you differ from the competition and any threats that may exist if the prospect does nothing.


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