Getting into new accounts can be one of the biggest challenges for salespeople. To have the ability to do this is also where a lot of money can be made and career growth can be achieved for a salesperson. And being able to do this can be the difference between failure and success for a salesperson and a business. And that is why we provided sales process for how to get into new accounts and in this webinar recording and you can adopt this process and simply insert your product and use it to get in front of new prospects.

Here are the six steps to the process and we go through each of these steps in greater detail in the webinar recording.

Identify the product you want to sell
Stop to think about what you want to lead with in your strategy to get into new accounts. This is not necessarily what product you want to build sales for. More so it is what product or service would be best to use to get engaged and start conversations with prospects.

Identify the target buyer type
Step two is to stop to think about what type of buyer are you trying to get in front of. Having more clarity around this will help you with the next step in the process which is creating a tailored sales message.

Build your message
Getting into new accounts is difficult and one big factor in your success in this area is the sales message that you use. If you have a horrible message and send thousands of emails and make hundreds of calls, you can literally get back zero results. We show you how to build a powerful message that is tailored for your target buyer type in the sales training webinar recording.

Find contacts
Step four is to find contacts at the target accounts that you are trying to get into. You most likely don’t need help with this area too much, but I do try to provide a couple of tips regarding using LinkedIn to find contacts in the webinar recording.

Send emails
Step five of the process is to start sending prospecting emails out and the two key things that I want you to do in this area are automate the delivery of your emails and track email opens and clicks.

Make calls
The last step and probably the most complex step of the process is to make calls to the prospect. Unfortunately, there is no way around this as if you want to get into new accounts, at some point you need to pick up the phone and call the prospects. But what this process does do is make this step easier through the use of creating a good sales message and using the proper email automation tools and that is all explained in the webinar recording.