The second step in creating a sales message is to enter the value points or benefits that the selected product could deliver to the selected target buyer type for the sales message. When we say value points or benefits, we are referring to the improvements that the product or service can create for the customer. Here are some examples of value points:

  • improve any processes
  • make something work better
  • make something easier
  • help to save time 
  • make anything more reliable
  • reduce the effort, energy, or manpower needed to do something
  • automate something
  • decrease any costs
  • increase revenue
  • improve visibility
  • improve decision making
  • decrease risk
  • improve the quality of a customer’s services or products
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • increase personal income
  • decrease personal expenses
  • improve the opportunity for recognition
  • improve work/life balance in any ways
  • decrease stress in any ways
  • improve the workplace atmosphere
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