A common thing for a salesperson to think is “where can I get cold call scripts?” While you can usually google topics like business plans, proposals, executive summaries, or sales presentations and get results with plenty of templates and examples, searching for cold calling scripts will not be as easy.

The reason why is that cold calling is an extremely difficult task for multiple reasons and this makes it challenging to develop any type of template that can be used for everybody. Here is why this is difficult:

You never know how a call is going to go
Building cold call scripts is challenging as you never know what direction a cold call is going to go. You really have no clue how the prospect is going to respond.

You don’t know if they are going to be nice or if they are going to be difficult. You don’t know if they are going to provide information or if they are going to ask you questions.

This will impact how the conversation goes and it is a bit difficult to build a template that scripts out all of the different directions.

You don’t know what objections the prospect will have
One thing you can know before the call is made is that you are likely to face some sort of objection. And you may even have a good idea of what that will be:

  • I am busy right now.
  • I am not interested.
  • What is this call in regards to?
  • Just send me your information.
  • We are not looking at making any changes right now.
  • We already use somebody.
  • We do not have money to spend.

It is easy to know to expect those but it is not easy to know how to respond to those in your cold call scripts.

Every product or service is different
Every product or service is different and this makes it hard to build templates of cold call scripts that tell you what to say. The talk tracks and questions all differ when you change from one product to the next.

You should have a different script for different audiences
Not only does the cold call script need to change when you change products, but it also needs to change when you change the audience that you are calling.

When you change from calling one vertical to calling another, you should really change the questions you ask and the points that you make as the benefits and pain points will be different. You may even want to use a different cold call script when you call into different departments or different levels of the organization as the benefits and pain points will also be different.

This is how SalesScripter Helps
As you can see, it is fairly difficult to provide a cold call script template that tells you what to say. And this is why SalesScripter is helpful as instead of providing templates, the software walks you through a process that extracts your unique details and then puts those together for you into cold call scripts.