This is a cold call example for wireless services. This is a great call recording to analyze because she did something very well, and there are also some areas for improvement.



In this cold call example for wireless services, this is how the salesperson opened the call:

I wanted to see if I could connect with the person in charge of operations

With this type of introduction, you are likely to trigger more guardedness because you sound like a salesperson who is trying to sell something. If your target prospect is the person in charge of operations, start out by asking for the operations manager and ask for the person in charge of operations as your fallback position.


Value Proposition

One thing the salesperson does well in this cold call example for wireless services is that she starts out with her value proposition by saying this:

I am calling because we have been able to help many other companies with their wireless and different solutions.

Although, the problem with this value proposition is that it does not communicate “what is in it for me” to the prospect. Try to create a value proposition that tells the prospect how your product or service will help them.


Qualifying Questions

The salesperson then transitions to ask some qualifying questions, and this is good. She asks:

What carrier do you all have?
How long have you been with them?

These are good questions, and we classify these as current state questions. It can sometimes be good to ask pain questions first to try to figure out if the prospect needs what you sell or has an area that you can improve.



The salesperson then goes for the close by saying this:

I just wanted to see if I could get on your calendar for a few minutes to see what you all are currently getting from ___ and compare with the solutions that we have to offer.

One thing that she could do to improve this close attempt is to make it more about the prospect and again answer the question of “what is in it for me” by including some of the value proposition in the close attempt.



There were three objections in this cold call example for wireless services.

We’re not looking to make a change.
She responds to this pretty well by focusing on the sales process and saying that she was not trying to sell anything by saying:

It’s not to sell you anything, it’s to just compare with what you currently have. Maybe you can hear about some solutions that may benefit you in the future.

I think I tied into a contract.
The salesperson had a great response to this by saying that they would help with the contract termination fees.

Send me an email with your information.
The response to this objection was great in that after asking for the email address, she deflected the objection by asking a couple of questions and this is a great way to keep the conversation going and possibly get around the objection.

OK, what’s your email?
Do your employees have regular wireless devices?


We hope this cold call example for wireless services gives you some ideas for your own sales pitch!