In this video, we provide a cold call script for a recruiter. This script was built after receiving the cold call in the recording and we also provide a breakdown of the call and what she did well and could have done better.

What Went Well
The call opened a little differently from most cold calls as she was asking if we were a particular business that she was trying to call and we were not. When she realized that, I think she did a good job to transition to treating me like the prospect to take advantage of having me already on the phone.

Questions She Asked
When reflecting back on a cold call script for a recruiter, it is productive to look at what questions were asked. She asked these questions.

Are you in charge of HR?
Are you needing any staffing support?
What does your company do?

I consider these to be what I call current state questions and I believe there are better current state questions for her to ask and here are some of those.

Are you currently needing to fill open positions?
Are you working with a recruiter or staffing agency?
How happy are you with the quality of candidates they are bringing to you?
Do you feel like you are being able to select from top caliber talent?
When was the last time you considered other recruiters or staffing firms?
Do you feel like you have the internal resources and processes that are needed to get positions filled quickly and with the right caliber talent?
How many jobs are you needing to fill?
Are you involved in the staffing or hiring of new employees?

Another type of question that I think is very good to have in your cold call script for a recruiter is pain questions. These are questions that probe for the pain points that you help to solve. Here are some pain questions I created for this cold call script for a recruiter.

How important is it to decrease the time to fill open positions?
How important is it to improve the quality of applicants you are hiring?
How important is it to decrease the amount of time you spend interviewing?
How important is it to improve your process to qualify and screen applicants?

I created those questions by first brainstorming pain points that a recruiter can help to fix. Once you have those, for each pain point is a question or two that you can ask to see if the pain exists or is a concern. Here are the pain points that I created for this old call script for a recruiter.

It takes a long time to fill open positions
Hiring the wrong people can be detrimental to an organization – turnover and higher costs
Time consuming to properly find, screen, and interview applicants
Difficult to determine which applicant to hire and make the right decisions

What She Closed For
In this cold call script for a recruiter, the salesperson asks if we have a need for staffing and when I told her we weren’t, she went for a close to try to send me her information. I think there is a better close and it comes down to the sales process that she is trying to go through.

It appears that she was using more of a product-selling cold call script for a recruiter because she tried to validate a need today for her product. When she learned that there was not a need today, she really had nowhere to go and then closed for sending information.

If you use our consultative selling sales process, we break the sales process steps to outline that the next step after the cold call is having a conversation. When you have more clarity of that, you can realize that you can build interest in simply talking more and sell the meeting. If you fully grasp that concept, you can see that whether or not there is a need for the product today does not necessarily impact the justification in talking more. We show what that looks like in our cold call script for a recruiter.


We hope this cold call script for a recruiter helps you get ideas for your own prospecting!