Here are some characteristics of great sales pitches.

Does Not Sound Like a Salesperson Trying to Sell Something
We believe that people don’t enjoy being sold to or feel great when someone tries to talk them into purchasing something. With that, we feel that there are ones that are crafted in a way where the salesperson does not give off the impression that they are trying to sell something.

Yes, you do have something to sell. But we believe that you can be more successful by communicating in a way that makes you look more like a business person or consultant rather than a salesperson trying to sell something.

Is Not “All About Me”
One of the ways to sound more like a business person than a salesperson is to try to avoid having a pitch that is “all about me.” A lot of salespeople can spend most of their pitch talking about the products and company.

This makes the conversation more about the salesperson than the prospect. Not only are there many reasons why this does not lead to great sales pitches, but it will also give the impression of a salesperson trying to sell something.

Communicates “What is in it for me?”
Great sales pitches will answer the question “What is in it for me?” for the prospect.

Many salespeople will do a thorough job of talking about what their products do from a functional standpoint. That is important, but that does not communicate the value that is offered in terms of what the products help the prospect improve or do. These details will tell the prospect what is in it for them.

Focuses on Prospect Pain
Design your pitch so that you outline the problems that you help clients to resolve, minimize, and avoid. This will not only help you to grab a prospect’s attention, but it will also communicate how you can help.

Built Around Good Probing Sales Questions
The best salesperson is the one that asks the best questions. If you want to have a great pitch, build your pitch around good probing sales questions.

These questions will also help your pitch to be less about you and more about the prospect, as the questions are going to get the conversation focused more on the prospect and will extract valuable information.

Focuses on Closing for the Right Goal
You will have two goals at any point in the sales process. Your ultimate goal is to close the prospect, and your immediate goal is to advance the prospect to the next step in your sales process.

A great sales pitch will keep you focused on closing for your immediate goal of moving the prospect to the next step in your sales process.

Have Prepared Responses For Objections
You will always face objections when talking to prospects. Great sales pitches will prepare a salesperson for how to respond and get around objections by listing out the anticipated objections and outlining options for how best to respond.