SalesScripter produces many different sales . And while all of the call scripts are a little different from one another, there is one consistent characteristic and that is that the scripts all use an outline structure.

This outline structure provides a more usable framework for a couple of reasons. First, an outline makes it much easier to learn and memorize the material ahead of calling. If you were to try to memorize two or three long paragraphs to read through, not only is that tough to do but you also might not successfully reach a point where you know the info and end up reading from the script while on the phone.

Another benefit to the call outline is that it can provide a flexible guide to use when on the call. The call outline is broken down into different compartments and sections. This allows the sales person to move around to different parts of the script should the call go in an unplanned direction.

In this video, we demonstrate how to go through one of these call script outlines. The call in this demonstration takes place using our software system so it is not a live prospect. But the example should show you how one might use the call script outline as a guide during a call.


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