How to Build a Cold Calling Campaign that Generates Leads

This is a recording of our webinar on “How to Build a Cold Calling Campaign that Generates Leads”.


10 Sales Tips for How to Sell More by Selling Less

With most things in life, if you try harder you will increase your odds of success. It does not work that way in sales.

Yes, more activity and effort helps but if people are not buying what you are selling, try to sell “harder” only stands to push people away.

We actually  believe that if you decrease […]

10 Sales Tips to Make Cold Calling Less Scary

Regardless of sales experience, cold calling can be a little scary. You know that you can face resistance and rejection on every call. And it can seem puzzling how to squeeze your message into a 2 to 5 minute window.

If you get a little nervous at the thought of picking up the phone and calling […]

10 Things to Do When You Feel Like You Suck at Sales

Regardless of how much experience you have selling, it can be easy to feel like you are not doing a good job. If you feel like that or that you do not know what to do to get better, join us for our next webinar “10 Things to Do When You Feel Like You Suck […]

How to Make Hiring a Virtual Sales Assistant Easy and Affordable

Just about every salesperson or business owner would love to have a virtual sales assistant to help with cold calling, setting appointments, replying to emails, etc. Not only is it nice to offload some of the more grinding tasks, but you should be able to sell more by being able to focus on more strategic […]

How to Manage a Sales Team Like a Championship Football Coach

Have you ever noticed that there are some football coaches that always seem to have to get the most out of the players that they have and find a way to be competitive year in and year out?

What if you could run your sales team like one of those elite sports coaches? If you could […]

How to Always Know What Sales Questions to Ask

The best salesperson is the one that asks the best questions. But it can be easy to not know what to ask when interacting with prospects.

If you can relate to that, watch this webinar recording on “How to Always Know the Right Sales Questions to Ask” where we will not only teach you what questions […]

Objection Rebuttals that Defuse Common Sales Objections

In B2B sales, you will face the same objections again and again:

– What is this in regards to?
– Is this a sales call?
– I am not interested.
– Just send me your info.
– We are already using someone right now.
– We do not have any budget right now.
– We are not looking at making any changes […]

How to Use Prospect Pain to Generate Leads

Finding prospect pain is one key to generating more leads. But it is not easy because prospects can be reluctant to share challenges and often don’t even know what pain they have.

If you would like to learn how to get your cold calls, emails, voicemails, and first appointments more centered around the prospect’s pain points […]

How to Get Prospect to Answer the Phone When Cold Calling

Getting prospects to answer the phone is the biggest challenge when cold calling. Having the best product and the best pitch means nothing if you can’t talk to someone.

If you feel like a lot of your calls go straight to voicemail, watch this webinar recording on “How to Get Prospect to Answer the Phone When […]