Here are 9 cold calling techniques that are easy to implement and can help you to immediately improve your results.

1. Focus on the right goal

It is very easy for us sales people to “always be closing”. But what are you trying to close when you are on a cold call? Don’t try to close the sale and fully sell the product as there is not enough time to do that (unless what you sell is very transactional and a one call sale).

Your goal of the cold call is to establish the conversation with the prospect. The way that can look in most scenarios is scheduling an appointment or meeting. Focus on selling the appointment in place of selling the product.

2. Focus on your value

Another trap us sales people fall into is jumping at any chance to talk about the product that we sell. If you are truly cold calling, the prospect does not care yet about your products and talking about them too early and too much will just trigger their guardedness.

As part of your cold calling techniques, shift from talking products to talking about the value that your products deliver. How do they help your prospect and what do they help them to achieve?

3. Have your key pre-qualifying questions

What is more important than talking about what we have to offer is asking the prospect powerful questions that extract valuable information. There should be a list of key questions that you can ask that assess how well the prospect fits with what you have to offer and these are great pre-qualifying questions.

Instead of spending a of your time with your cold calling techniques talking about what you have to offer, go through your pre-qualifying questions. In order to make sure you know what to ask, have these identified and prepared in a list before you make your prospecting calls.

4. Prepare for objections

You will have to face objections on just about every cold call. Objections are what the prospect says to try to get rid of you.

It is common for most of us to wing it when it comes to how to respond to the objections and just think about how to deal with them right at the moment when they come up. As you can imagine, not only is this the path that leads to the worst results, but it is also a more stressful and frustrating direction.

One of the most helpful cold calling techniques is to simply list out the objections that you anticipate facing and prepare responses that stand to help you to keep the call going. Notice here that we say to try keep the call going, not overcome the objection.