When you cold call a prospect, the contact will have their guard up at a medium level when they answer the phone. Everything that you say will either increase or decrease their guardedness. If you can simply improve your ability to not trigger their guard so that it either stays level or decreases, you will greatly improve your ability to establish conversations when sales prospecting.

Why does this happen?
Let’s first make clear that we are talking about cold calling here, not calling prospects that you know or calling warm leads. As a result these prospects do not know who you are.

The other factor involved here is that the prospects that you are probably cold calling likely get a lot of sales calls. And these calls are often a distraction and usually big time wasters for prospects.

When you add all that up, if the prospect does not recognize you when they answer the phone, their guard will immediately go to a medium level as they begin to wonder if you are one of the many sales people that they end up on the phone with and if you are going to try to take and waste their time.

You are a business person. Not a sales person.
You may read that last section and think, “Well, I am a sales person so what can I do to not look like one?” One thing to keep in mind is that we all work for a company. And our companies all purchase from other companies. Business is exchanged between companies and there are people that help facility these transactions and relationships.

With that being said, start to think of yourself as a business person, not a sales person. A sales person is one of the pesky callers that calls the prospect with an annoying, time wasting pitch and a product that they usually do not need.

A business person works for a company that can help the prospect, doesn’t have an annoying, time wasting pitch, and has a product that the prospect needs and that can help them.

How to sound like a business person.
Here are some quick tips that take you from sounding like a sales person to sounding like a business person.

Confirm availability
When you go talk to a coworker, do you walk in their office, sit down, and start talking to them while they are sitting there working? Probably not, or at least you shouldn’t.

Another way to go is to stick your head in the door and ask if they have a moment or if you have caught them in the middle of anything. Once they confirm that they have a moment, you can proceed and enter the office and you have just bought yourself a few minutes.

You can do the same thing when you cold call by confirming that the prospect is available early in the call.

A sales person doesn’t do this. A business person does. Small change, big impact.

Don’t mention products and services
A sales person pushes products and services. And when they end up getting a prospect on the phone, they will typically talk most of the time about their company, the products they want to sell, the features they have to offer, etc.

It is important to be aware that this is what a sales person sounds like. If you know this, you will be able to figure out how to not sound if you are trying to not sound like a sales person.

One thing that you can do is to simply minimize how much you talk about your company, products, features and services.


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