A question that gets asked all the time is “What the heck is SalesScripter?” It is actually not an easy question to answer because there is nothing like it out there, and the scripter actually does many different things.


Quick One-Minute Video

To help answer this, here is a quick one-minute video that explains what it does and what it produces, and we will have a little more explanation below that.


Sales and Marketing Document Library

As you can see, SalesScripter is a wizard-like tool that will ask a user questions about the products or services that they sell. From the answers put in, the software will produce a library of sales and marketing documents.

Here are some of the documents that the system produces:

  • Cold call and meeting scripts
  • Email templates
  • Sales letters
  • Voicemail scripts
  • Objection responses
  • Drip campaign guide and topics
  • Ideal prospect profile
  • Key qualifying questions
  • Value proposition statements
  • Content marketing topics
  • Sales presentation
  • And more….


For Both Sales and Marketing

You may look at that list and think that is only for salespeople. But the reality is that a lot of what SalesScripter does is extremely valuable to marketing as well.

Marketing usually starts with a product and then has to build messaging around the product, and that drives the marketing strategy and communications. This can often be a challenging process or at least one that does not lead to the most powerful marketing messages.

SalesScripter’s line of questioning helps marketing representatives to get to the core value and pain points that can be the foundation of a powerful marketing communications strategy.


For All Levels of the Organization

You may also look at SalesScripter and think that it is just for salespeople who are on the front lines. Yes, those individuals can use the tool to get the scripts and documents they need to be successful.

However, the solution can actually be used by all levels of the organization as senior leadership in sales, marketing, or general ownership can go through the scripter to establish the messaging strategy at the top. The work that is done there can then be trickled to lower levels as the standard for sales and marketing in terms of messaging and communications.

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