At first glance, someone might see the name and think “I don’t need (or like) sales scripts so this is not a fit for me” and they move on. The unfortunate thing about this occurrence is that SalesScripter does more than just provide salesscripts and there are multiple reasons to use the solution.

Develop the Message
Whether you use scripts or not and whether you are in sales or marketing, there is some line of messaging that you rely on. This could be your talk tracks when talking to a prospect or it could be the content for your website and marketing collateral.

You may have messaging in place and feel like you are fine with what you are currently doing. But is your messaging as strong as it can be? Does your messaging grab the prospect’s attention? Does it clearly communicate how you can help? Most importantly, is it helping you to generate the level of leads that you need?

Whatever you answered to those questions, the area of messaging can typically always be improved and this is something that does really well. The solution will guide you to extract the most important and powerful details about your business and help you to develop your core messaging based on that.

Even if you don’t need a script, this exercise and process will greatly improve your sales and marketing efforts!

Library of Sales and Marketing Tools
If you went through the process above to develop the core messaging and stopped, you would accomplish significant progress. What is great about SalesScripter is that as the software plugs all of the your powerful details into a library of sales and marketing tools.

Of course, the library will provide you with sales scripts and if it didn’t, the name for the company would have been a bad choice. But you will have access to much more and there are plenty of documents that you can use even if you never want to look at a script:

  • Call and meeting scripts
  • Email templates
  • Voicemail scripts
  • Objections responses
  • Drip campaign guide
  • Content marketing topics guide
  • List of qualifying and closing questions
  • Elevator pitch options
  • Ideal prospect profile
  • And more…

was not designed to make you script our your conversations word-for-word. It designed to add more structure to your conversations, messages , and line of questioning. If the software helps you to ask just one powerful question in a conversation that you would not have asked otherwise, the system will have just paid for itself as the value of the information extracted will far exceed the cost of the subscription.