Commonly, we try to stop to think about the value proposition definition. We take an attempt at simplifying how we look at value propositions.


Not the Value Proposition Definition

Before moving ahead, let us initially focus on what isn’t a value proposition. It’s important because there’s a trap we all fall into and that’s referring primarily to our products and services as well as all the great things they do.

It isn’t a value proposition and what your products are as well as what they do isn’t value. Even though it’s important, sometimes we need to cease from speaking too much about this.


What is Value?

Now, let’s go forward and focus on what exactly value is. The transfer of something which has a positive net worth from one person to another, and/or from one business to another is value.

Value is typically something that’s intangible, which is one challenging thing about it. You may have the ability to see the product or service that’s being delivered, but you actually can’t see the value, even though it’s there.

Simply, value isn’t your product or service, but it’s what your product or service assists your clients to do or achieve.


Three Levels of Value

In taking one step closer, the value proposition definition can actually break the concept of value down to three different levels, which are technical, business, and personal.

Technical value: The value delivered at the lowest most basic level is technical value. It’s where a product or service helps create improvements in the areas of systems, processes, or people.

A piece of software that helps automate an existing manual process is an example of this.

Business value: When technical value is delivered, it can work its way up and create improvements at the business level. Usually, these are seen in the areas of revenue, costs, and/or delivery of services.

To continue with the same example, if you automate a manual process, in turn, their costs will decrease because the need for labor decreases.

Personal value: Typically, you’ll see value delivered at the personal level when technical and business value is achieved. There are personal benefits that will be evident to the prospect and their employees. They can be improved work environment, improved compensation, and/or improved career path.

It can lead to a better work-life balance for the prospect that buys from you if you assist a business in automation and decreasing costs because they may have to work less on the weekends.


Bringing it all Together

You can clearly see that the is a statement or sentence that clearly explains how you help your prospects and clients since we’ve broken the concept of value down. In addition, if you break down the value you offer into the three levels, which are technical, business, and personal, you can then have three versions of your value proposition with one for each level.

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