When making sales calls, there are two options – pick up the phone and “wing it” or use a guide to cold calling. Commonly, salespeople at all levels lean toward improvising and “winging it,” yet when using a guide, consistency and improved results are likely.

Many types of different resources can be used as guides for cold calling.


Sales Books

Sales books are the most economical and they are accessible types of sales guides. Thousands of books have been written on the subject of sales and how to improve results.

Wasting your time trying to figure out what to do and what not to do is not the best approach. There are many quality sales improvement books that someone has already gone through and those lessons learned are all out there for you to read and use.

We all know some books are more effective than others, but it can be a very productive habit to consistently be reading a sales book at some level and using it as a guide to cold calling.


Internet Blogs and Articles

A tremendous amount of free information is available on the internet. There are sales-related blog posts and articles you can scan, as well as tools and tactics that can be tested and applied to your cold calling.


Sales Training

A large amount of sales training programs provide sales tools to be used as a guide to cold calling. For example, worksheets to use and fill out while on the phone, methodologies to work along, as well as other sales tools to utilize as “cheat sheets” to provide quick and easy access to information.


Sales Coaching

A good source of information and sales tips can be found working with a sales coach. It can be compiled into some sort of guide or process to use when cold calling.


Why Use a Guide

Typically, the quickest and easiest path in terms of what to say and ask is to improvise when cold calling. This requires little preparation, and less effort is required. But is that the most productive path?

You will have better control over the cold call if you’re prepared for what you’re going to say and ask in terms of a sales script as well as using some sort of methodology and guide to cold calling. This helps you to establish calls while being more effective at keeping calls going, which drives better results and lead generation.

Using a guide decreases stress and improves confidence when making cold calls. Cold calling is a mentally taxing profession, and by simply using a guide, you can help improve the mental state of the caller, which not only improves results but also improves long-term stamina in the position.

SalesScripter provides a sales script tool that can be a guide to cold calling.