Building a sales role-play it s good step in the right direction. But one critical step to take after that is to practice the script and to perform some sort of .

The last thing that you want to do is read from a script when sales prospecting. And just reading over the script and saying the talk tracks in your head is not good enough.

You need to actually verbalize the material and have the opportunity for the words to roll off of your tongue. The will not only help you to deliver your messaging when in the field, it will also help you to memorize what you want to say.

You have a couple of options for practicing and sales role-play. You could just talk aloud by yourself or to a mirror or you could work with a pier or sales manager.

There are a couple of downsides to trying to find someone to role-play with. The obvious challenge with that is that it might be tough to find someone to practice with since the ideal people to practice with are probably just as busy as you are.

Another thing at play here is that we can easily get uncomfortable when it comes time to role-play, especially if it is with the manager that we report to. Practicing should be a time for you to mess up and work on things and you might not want to do either of those things in front of the person that measures your performance and justifies you keeping your job.

SalesScripter provides a new alternative to those two options through a role-play software based system. It is a system that calls your phone and takes you through a simulated scenario. Not only does this allow you to do a sales role-play on your own whenever you want, but you also get a recording of the sales role-play sent to you in an email.


You can try this sales role-play tool for free here.