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29 07, 2016

Voicemail Script for Sales: The Good and Bad of an Example

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I received a voicemail message today from a salesperson and it is a good example of a voicemail script for sales that many salespeople leave. With that, I thought it would be good to break down his message and share what he does well and also what he could do better. Here is a summary [...]

21 11, 2015

How to Effectively Use Voicemail as a Sales Prospecting Tool

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In this webinar, we look at the subject of what to do (and not do) with voicemail boxes when sales prospecting.   Getting a prospect’s voicemail box is the most likely outcome. It is difficult to get a hold of prospects. You can call a prospect dozens of times and it would not be crazy [...]

5 10, 2014

Create a Compelling Voicemail Script to Reach Decision-Makers

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A lot of people often wonder what they can do with their voicemail script to get the prospect to call them back. Here are a few things to consider on that subject.   Qualified prospects do not typically call back. If you are calling B2B, something very important for you to always keep in mind [...]

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