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28 09, 2014

How to Improve Your Mindset During Sales Prospecting

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Sales prospecting is one of the more mentally taxing activities that a salesperson has to perform. Most salespeople love selling and interacting with prospects, but the activity of finding new prospects can often be very difficult and guaranteed to include some amount of rejection and this can wear on any individual. There are a few [...]

30 06, 2013

Building Good Salespeople

By |2023-09-08T07:43:42+00:00June 30, 2013|Sales Coaching, Sales Consulting Blog, Sales Management, Sales Tips|0 Comments

Finding and keeping good salespeople is key to success for any business and sales organization. While there can be some challenges with getting the best people on the team, there are some ways to get the most out of your salespeople and build them so that they perform at a higher level. The Conventional Approach [...]

14 06, 2013

How to Make Outbound Calls

By |2023-09-08T07:51:43+00:00June 14, 2013|Cold Call Script, Cold Calling, Sales Prospecting|0 Comments

Determining how to make outbound calls when working in sales roles can greatly improve the probability for success. The following are six steps to assist any salesperson with improving in this area regardless of their skill level and/or experience. 1. Focus on your core value Clearly identifying the core value you have to offer the [...]

11 06, 2013

Five Tips for Sales Lead Follow-up

By |2023-09-08T07:52:24+00:00June 11, 2013|Cold Call Script, Cold Calling, Sales Prospecting, Sales Tips|0 Comments

Likely sales prospects will ask us to call them back and perform some sort of sales lead follow-up when working to generate leads and/or close sales. This occurs quite frequently so the better we’re able to manage and execute our following up, we have tremendous improvements in overall sales results. The following are five practical [...]

4 06, 2013

What is a Sales Playbook?

By |2023-09-08T07:52:59+00:00June 4, 2013|Cold Call Script, Cold Calling, Inside Sales, Qualifying Prospects, Sales Prospecting, Sales Training|0 Comments

It can be the first steps that a sales manager can take in getting to the next level identifying just exactly what is a sales playbook. We’ll discuss just what a sales playbook is as well as some benefits of using one in this article. What is it? Thinking about a playbook for a football [...]

22 05, 2013

Sample Sales Email

By |2022-11-18T00:42:32+00:00May 22, 2013|Cold Calling, Cold Emailing, Inside Sales, Lead Generation, Sales Coaching, Sales Pitch, Sales Prospecting, Sales Scripts|0 Comments

One thing that can be helpful for a salesperson is to have a sample sales email. As we look at some samples, it is important to point out that there are a few different types of sales emails.   Follow-up Emails One of the most common types of emails that salespeople need to send is [...]

30 03, 2013

Qualifying Sales with Light Questions First

By |2022-11-16T20:10:15+00:00March 30, 2013|Cold Calling, Finding Prospect Pain, Qualifying Prospects, Sales Pitch, Sales Process, Sales Prospecting, Sales Questions, Sales Scripts, Sales Tips|0 Comments

When working on qualifying sales during cold calls, lightly qualify first because we’re simply attempting to determine if it makes sense for everybody to keep investing their time in the conversation. Some examples of what to look at when asking light qualifying questions are general questions that identify if things are great, ok, or have [...]

9 03, 2013

Keys to Successful Sales Campaigns

By |2022-11-16T19:03:17+00:00March 9, 2013|Cold Call Script, Cold Calling, Communicating Value, Inside Sales, Lead Generation, Sales Consulting Blog, Sales Process, Sales Prospecting, Sales Tips, Telemarketing, Telesales|0 Comments

Time and investment should be made in a few areas to improve the chances that your sales campaigns will be successful. 1. Define the target audience Having the ability to clearly define the target audience for a sales campaign is one important step usually overlooked. You will be better at generating leads if you are [...]

3 10, 2012

Benefits of Using a Prospecting Guide

By |2022-11-14T00:04:09+00:00October 3, 2012|Cold Calling, Sales Prospecting, Sales Scripts|0 Comments

You could just “wing it” when doing outbound sales or you could use some sort of prospecting guide.  There are some distinct and noticeable benefits to using the latter. 1. Sound more prepared When watching the evening news, you will notice that the news anchor typically sounds knowledgeable and polished.  Before every broadcast, they script [...]

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