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4 08, 2018

How to Build an Inside Sales Call Script

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This video will show you how to build an inside sales call script and here are some key steps that the video will take you through to build a script similar to an example that we went through. Identify the Product that You Want to Sell This should be a relatively easy step to create [...]

12 05, 2017

What Not To Do: An Analysis of a Cold Call Script Example

By |2023-12-02T02:21:45+00:00May 12, 2017|Cold Call Script, Cold Calling, Inside Sales, Sales Pitch, Sales Prospecting, Telemarketing, Telesales|0 Comments

I received a cold call from a salesperson that sells payroll processing services and I thought her sales pitch had room for improvement so I thought I would outline how the call went to create a cold call script example of what not to do.   Here is what she said on the call. I [...]

22 05, 2016

Craft the Best Cold Call Script: 5 Tips to Know

By |2023-12-03T02:41:25+00:00May 22, 2016|Cold Call Script, Cold Calling, Inside Sales, Sales Methodology, Sales Pitch, Sales Prospecting, Sales Scripts, Sales Tips|0 Comments

Here are some tips for the best cold call script. Don’t ask the prospect how they are doing. The first tip for how to create the best cold call script is to resist the natural urge to open a call by saying: How are you doing today? While you might think that you are being [...]

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