The last step in building sales messaging for different buyer personas is to prepare your objections responses. For the most part, your objection responses can be the same for all of the that you talk with. But there are some cases where you are going to face different objections when changing from one buyer persona to another.

Different Industries May Have Different Sales Objections
One place to start to think about this is if you sell to companies that operate in different industries. Even if you product works basically the same regardless of which industry your customer is in, you might face different objections when talking with one versus another.

For example, let’s say that you can sell a product to both financial institutions and also manufacturers. A financial institution may have objections that are tied to compliance and financial regulations that they deal with on a daily basis. And with a manufacturer, they have no requirements with those compliance and financial regulations, but they have a lot of union employees and operational complexity and that may influence their objections.

As you can see, these different buyer personas may use the product in a similar way but they operate in very different worlds and this can impact how they respond and object to what you are selling. This is where creating objection responses for the different industry buyer personas can improve your ability to respond appropriately and that can improve your ability to get around and resolve sales objections.

Businesses of Different Sizes May Have Different Sales Objections
You may be able to sell your product to both large corporations and also small businesses. These prospects can each be a different buyer persona and each could have different sales objections.

For example, a large corporation is going to have very different purchasing, funding, and decision making processes than a small business. Treating each like a different buyer persona can allow you to have sales objection responses prepared for the different directions those conversations can go.

Different Organizational Levels May Have Different Sales Objections
During your sales process, you may have to deal with different levels in the organization. For example, you may deal with C-Level, VP’s, Directors, and Managers. Each of these individuals has different needs and interests. As a result, there are some different objections that you could anticipate at the different levels.

Different Departments May Have Different Sales Objections
You most likely can sell your product into a couple of different departments in an organization. For example, you might be able to sell to both Finance and Operations.

The people you talk to in these different departments will have different needs and interests. As a result, treating them like different buyer personas and preparing for the different sales objections they may have will have an immediate effect on your sales results.

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