If you are able to tailor your sales messaging for the different buyer personas that you target and interact with, you will be able to communicate more clearly how you can help and this can build more interest and engagement. In this video, we outline the first step in targeting different and that is to map out your campaign coordinates.

What are campaign coordinates?
Campaign coordinates is a term that we came up with to help you with organizing and building your buyer persona campaigns. It is similar to how coordinates on a map work.

If we were going to take a long-distance road trip, there would be a location that we have set as our goal in terms of destination. This location will have coordinates consisting of longitude and latitude points.

These two points make it crystal clear where we are going and we can then plan out how best to get there. We can use this same logic with thinking about the different buyer personas that we are wanting to talk with and sell to.

Coordinate 1 – Product
The first coordinate that we need to identify for our campaign is the product that we are ultimately trying to drive demand for. Even if we develop a sophisticated sales pitch that talks very little about our products, we still need to have in mind the product that we want to sell as this could impact the questions that we ask.

I just want to point out one thing to keep in mind when building and using a campaign that is aligned with a particular product. If we go back to the long-distance road trip, we might depart for the target location but we may get sidetracked and end up going somewhere else.

This can happen when targeting campaigns to buyer personas as we might lead off with one product in mind and in our discussions, we end up identifying that the buyer fits better with a different product and we can very easily end up switching campaigns and products at any point.

Coordinate 2 – Target Prospect
The second coordinate that we need to think about is the target prospect that we are building our campaign for. This is a very important and powerful step to take because this can allow you to create different sales messaging for the different target prospects that you sell.

The reason you may want to consider this step is that the different buyers that you interact with will have different needs, interests, problems, lingo, etc. You could go out and say the same thing to everybody but having messaging that is tailored for the different target prospects that you talk with can improve your ability to effectively communicate and take you to the next level.

Categories or labels you may want to think about with buyer personas could include different industries, sizes of companies, locations, departments in a company, levels in the organization, and stages in the sales cycle.

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