SalesScripter will provide you with sales prospecting emails. You can copy these emails and dump them into whatever system you use to send emails. But you can also send these sales prospecting email templates directly through SalesScripter, and we explain how to do this in this short video.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to look at sending some of these email templates through SalesScripter.


1. There are dozens of email templates in SalesScripter.

Once you create a few campaigns in SalesScripter, you will end up with dozens of different sales email templates in the SalesScripter library. This can be a lot of documents to download or copy and paste, so it could be more convenient and efficient to send these templates directly from SalesScripter.


2. Track opens and clicks.

When you send these sales email templates through SalesScripter, the software will track email opens and clicks. This will help you to easily track which contacts are engaging with your emails in order for you to perform accurate quality scoring. Not only will SalesScripter tell you what to say, but it will also tell you which contacts you should be pursuing.


3. Automate emails out into the future.

In addition to sending a contact one email template at a time, SalesScripter will also allow you to build a thread of multiple emails that will be scheduled to be sent out to a prospect over a period of time. This feature allows you to let the software do the work for you by setting it up to continue to try to contact the prospect while you work on other activities.