Adding qualifying questions to assist with qualifying the prospect is one simple thing that can be done to make your sales script more powerful.


What’s Qualifying?

The act of attempting to figure out if the prospect is a good fit for what you have to offer, as well as the probability of them moving forward with a purchase, is qualifying.

When a prospect has a real need in the area where your products and services can help, as well as if they have the authority to make the decision and have the budget to purchase, they’re qualified.


Soft Qualify First

Go through probing questions that determine need, authority, and available budget to extensively qualify a prospect. We may only have a few minutes with the prospect during our very first conversation with them. It is helpful to focus on doing some preliminary qualifying during the very first call to ensure there’s enough of a fit to keep speaking with them with the possibility of meeting another day.

In order to figure out the amount of qualifying to do in your sales script, focus your questions around the prospect’s possible needs in your area. When they have no needs, it doesn’t make sense to keep speaking with them. You can determine the authority and budget details later in your first real meeting.


Decrease the Prospect’s Guard

Qualifying questions affect a sales script by helping to decrease the prospect’s guardedness. By asking questions to determine the prospect’s needs, you’re expressing interest in them as well as making sure that they’re a fit before you sell to them.

This creates a powerful effect that makes the prospect more open to hearing about what you’re calling them about, as well as helps increase the level of rapport that you have with them.


Make the Conversation More Engaging

No matter what the circumstances are, conversations in which both parties are talking and contributing will be more healthy and more productive. With that in mind, it is important to create your phone sales script so that it makes two-way conversations in which the prospect is speaking as well as involved in the conversation.

That may be difficult to execute since everybody is different and some people talk more than others, but by adding qualifying questions to your sales script, you’ll force instances in the conversation where the prospect must contribute and interject into the conversation.


Uncover Valuable Information

Another obvious benefit to adding qualifying questions to your phone sales script is it helps to uncover important and valuable information from the prospect. That information helps you determine if it makes sense to keep talking, as well as it can be used throughout the sales cycle.

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