It is important to know how to write a sales email as email can often be one of the best ways to communicate with prospects. To help with this, here are some clear things to take into consideration.


Length is Important

It is important to always remember that your prospects get a lot of emails. Not only are they getting emails from you and your direct competitors, they are also getting emails from all the salespeople that have nothing to do with what you sell. You can also add to that all the internal email communication that takes place at their business.

With that being the case, the attention span that you may get from a prospect in an email should be assumed to be very low. This makes it critical to keep your sales emails short and to the point. If it is too long, the prospect may see it and delete it without reading any of the message.


Content is Key

As with anything sales or marketing-related, the actual content of your sales email is very important. There are two traps that we can fall into when writing sales emails.

First, we can often go into way too much detail about what we are talking about. This can also feed into the point above of emails being too long. Just skim the surface of what you are trying to say and save the details for a meeting or conversation.

Another issue with the content that we naturally produce is that it is often too much about ourselves. An example of this is when we write sales emails and talk primarily about what we sell and the company that we work for.


Focus on the Prospect

One way to try to improve the content of your email is to focus more on the prospect. This can improve your ability to grab the prospect’s attention and write sales emails that are more appealing to the prospect.

In order to focus your emails on your prospect when focusing on how to write a sales email is to talk about the value that your products or services deliver. Or focus on the pain and challenges that you help to resolve.


Have a Good Subject Line

The subject line is extremely important in how to write a sales email. This is helpful in not just getting your email read, but also in preventing your email from getting deleted unread.

The first thing you can focus on is trying to avoid language in your subject line that is too “salesy” to help minimize the potential for prospects reading the subject line and thinking the email is either spam or a salesperson trying to sell something.

To have a subject line that is enticing, try to have it mention the pain you resolve. If your prospect is having problems in the areas that you can fix, they should be motivated to open an email that refers to one of those problems.


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