Having the right mindset during phone prospecting can sometimes be the difference that takes you to the next level. In this video and below are some tips to help you to improve your mindset.

Increase Your Value Awareness
You can get a lot of negative feedback from prospects when phone prospecting in the form of either rejection or just a simple lack of responsiveness. As you experience this, you can begin to feel like what you are selling is not valuable or worth much and that nobody wants what you have to offer.

You need to avoid this line of thinking as it can clearly impact your level of confidence and what you end up saying when talking with prospects.

The reality is that your products and services offer some sort of value to your buyers. And it can help you to have the right mindset if you can become and stay fully aware of what this value is. We call this increasing your value awareness.

View Yourself More as a Helper
If you can truly operate with a high level of value awareness when phone prospecting, you will see yourself change from trying to talk prospects into wanting something and you will shift more toward looking for the people that need the help that you have to offer.

This can totally change how you view conversations with prospects. Think of there being a slice of the total group of prospects that cross paths with that truly have the problems that you can help to fix and these buyers need your help.

When you are phone prospecting, shift your mindset to realize that you are not chasing and convincing prospects and more so you are just trying to find the buyers that need your help.

Avoid Using Weak Language
Part of shifting your mindset should include changing some of the language and words that you use. Someone chasing prospects and trying to talk them into something will say very different things than a salesperson that is looking for the people that need their help.

Here are some examples of weak language that you should avoid and that do not fit with someone that has a high level of value awareness.

I know you are busy right now.
I am sorry for the interruption.
I will only take few minutes of your time.
Did I catch you at a bad time?
I am sorry to bother you…

Shift from Picking Fruit to Planting Seeds
A lot of salespeople approach conversations with prospects with a picking-fruit mindset. In other words, they go from prospect to prospect looking for those that are someone that they can sell to and someone that is ready to buy.

You can improve your mindset by shifting to one that is more aligned with planting seeds. When you plant seeds, you don’t know which ones are going to sprout and bear fruit. You don’t look that far down the road. Instead, you plant more seeds than needed and give them the attention and care that they need in order for a portion of them to successfully proceed through a process that leads to fruit being produced.

If you apply this same mindset to your phone prospecting, you can operate with more stability and a stronger frame of mind.

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