When it comes to making cold calls, whether it is because you don’t have time or don’t have the desire, it can be easy to find an excuse to not pick up the phone. Because of this, many salespeople try to only use email to generate leads.

While we believe the best way to consistently generate leads is to use a mix of phone calls and emails, we do have a process that can improve your ability to get into new accounts only using email and we outlined that in our recent webinar “How to Generate Leads Without Making Cold Calls”.

Here is the recording and the slides.


Building a Good Sales Pitch

Your sales pitch impacts what you say when talking with prospects, and it should also impact what you say in your emails. If you would like to do with only the emails that you send, then those emails should be structured around a strong and attention-grabbing sales pitch.

That being said, our strategy for generating leads without making cold calls starts with creating a good sales pitch for what you sell. The process that we recommend for this involves identifying the benefits that your product provides, the problems you help to fix, the questions you should ask, some customer examples, and more.


Creating Good Emails

Once you have organized your sales pitch, you can use all of the details that we recommend that you brainstorm to create your email templates. You can take the benefits that you provide and use those to create a value-focused email message. You can take the problems that you help to resolve and create a pain-focused message.

These are the types of messages that you can send to your prospect instead of sending emails that just talk about the products that you sell.

Here is an example of what we call a Pre-Call Pain Email.

Subject line: Challenging for sales reps to generate leads and get into new accounts

Hello [Prospect First Name],

The reason I am reaching out is that I am with SalesScripter and we find that it is very common for managers with inside sales reps to have challenges with:

  • Challenging for sales to generate leads and get into new accounts
  • Difficulty getting sales resources saying to right sales pitch and asking the right questions
  • Can be unclear how to get under-performing sales resources corrected and on the right path
  • Sales staff turnover can be often be higher and more costly than would be preferred
  • It can be time consuming and a daunting task to get new sales hires trained and ramped up
  • It can take a long time to get new sales hires ramped up and performing

I am not sure if you are concerned about any of those and that is why I am reaching out to you. I will try to give you a call next week.

If you are interested in talking before then, I can schedule a brief 15 to 20 phone conversation next Tuesday or Thursday morning where we can learn a little more about how you are doing things today and share with you how we have helped companies similar to yours to improve sales results while decreasing sales staff turnover at the same time.

Best Regards,

Michael Halper
Founder and CEO


Creating Email Threads

Our methodology will help you to create different email messages that you can send to your prospects. What we recommend is a process where you create what we call “email threads,” and those are sets of emails that are tied together and scheduled to go out to a prospect over a period of time.

Here is an example of an email thread:

  • Email 1 – Pain Message
  • Email #2 – Value Message
  • Email #3 – Name Drop Message
  • Email #4 – Qualify Message
  • Email #5 – Product Message
  • Email #6 – Last Attempt


What Makes this Possibly Work

As we discussed in the webinar recording, we don’t promote this as a strategy that eliminates the need to ever pick up the phone. What we are saying is that we recommend that you make calls and send emails. But if you only have time or interest in sending emails, this is a strategy you can use, and if done right, you can generate some leads without making calls.

But that is based on some things being considered and applied, and here are some key things that help to make this possibly work for you.

  • This will require that you create a good pitch in terms of having benefits and pain points that the prospect will connect with
  • It is key for you to not sound like a salesperson in your emails
  • You will need to establish a level of persistence with multiple emails going to each prospect
  • You will need to apply this process to a large number of prospects