Sales role-play scripts are an important tool to help you with improving sales. Here are some key sections to include in your sales role-play scripts.

Gatekeeper Introduction
It is very reasonable to expect almost half of phone prospecting calls to get answered by some sort of gatekeeper. A lot of gatekeepers will have the objective of trying to screen out salespeople so it can be very helpful to have that outline of what you can say to a gatekeeper.

Target Prospect Introduction
It is important to be prepared with what you will say to your target prospect when you introduce yourself. You have a few options here but one way that we recommend you go is to share some sort of value statement. Here is an example from one of our sales role-play scripts.

Hello [Contact’s Name], this is [your name] from SalesScripter, have I caught you in the middle of anything?

Great. The purpose of my call is that we help sales leaders to improve their team’s success with outbound phone prospecting and lead generation.

I actually don’t know if you need what our services provide so I just had a question or two.

Probing Sales Questions
We believe that the best salesperson is the one that asks the best questions. With that, having sales role-play scripts for good questions is extremely important. Here is an example of some of the questions that we ask:

Are your sales reps able to consistently generate leads and getting into new accounts?
How concerned are you about the amount of time it takes to get new sales hires ramped up and performing?
How confident are you that all of your sales resources are asking the right questions when talking with prospects?
Is getting under-performing sales resources corrected and on the right path important?
Do you have a goal of decreasing sales staff turnover?
Are you open to exploring new ways to boost sales performance?
Do your sales resources use any kind of script or sales playbook?

Having a good list of questions is a great step forward but role-playing how to deal with the different answers that you can get from prospects is key to getting to the next level.

Anticipated Objections
You are guaranteed to face objections when talking to prospects. Instead of trying to figure out to respond at the time that they come up, stop and take some time in advance to role-play what you can say to either get around the objection or keep the conversation going.

Here are some very common objections that you can anticipate.

I am busy right now.
What is this in regards to?
I am not interested.
Just send me some information.
We are not doing anything right now.
We are not making any changes right now.
I can’t change anything right now.
We do not have any budget.
We already use someone for that.

You will immediately improve your results if you use sales role-play scripts for these objections and any others that you think will come up for the products that you sell.