Here are some clear steps to take for how to create a sales pitch.

Step 1 – Identify the Product that You Want to Drive Demand For
The first step in how to create a sales pitch is to clearly identify the product that you would like to sell. This should be an easy step but it is worth a little thought as you may sell multiple products.

Do you want to create a pitch for one product, for all of your products, or does it makes sense to group some products together?

Step 2 – Identify the Target Prospect
You could just create one pitch and use it for everybody. But we feel like you can operate at a higher level by tailoring your pitch for the different buyer personas that you sell to.

The logic here is that the benefits that your product offers may differ when you change from one type of buyer to another. As a result, some of the problems you help to fix and some of the questions you should ask can change. This is when going through how to create a sales pitch, it can be good to have a pitch that is aligned with a particular target prospect or buyer persona.

Step 3 – Identify the Benefits Your Product Offers
The next step is to stop and think about how your product helps the target prospect. If you are creating a very general sales pitch, you could just think about how the product helps anybody that uses it.

But if you are creating a pitch that is aligned with a particular buyer persona, you can stop to really think about the benefits that the product helps that particular buyer with. What does it help them to improve or do?

Step 4 – Identify the Problems that You Help to Resolve
Sharing the problems that you can help to resolve can really make your sales pitch more powerful. Not only will it help you to communicate more clearly how you can help, but it can also help you to grab the prospect’s attention.

One way to develop a good list of problems that you help with is to look at the benefits that you deliver. For each benefit, there could be a corresponding problem that is either resolved, minimized, or avoided.

Step 5 – Compose Good Probing Sales Questions
Then next step in how to create a sales pitch is to develop good questions to ask. This is key because we believe that the best salesperson is the one that asks the best questions.

One way to arrive at a good list of questions to ask is to look at the problems that you help with. For each problem, there could be at least one or two probing sales questions that can be asked to determine if the prospect has that issue or concern.

Putting it All Together
Once you have all of that, how to create a sales pitch is easy because you can use your benefits and pain points for your introduction and elevator pitch and use your probing sales questions as the central conversation piece when talking with prospects.

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