In this video, I discuss how I got 50K website visitors to opt into my email list. Some of these may not fit with your product or business but there could be a few of these that do and you could get ideas from.

The first thing that started that lead to me being able to create this opt-in email list is that I started creating and posting blog posts for our website.

Organic SEO
All of the content that we were creating for our blog helped us to get on Google’s radar as a subject matter expert for the different keywords that we we aligned our content with.

Created Ebooks
In order to capitalize on all of the traffic that Google was sending us, I decided to create ebooks and use that as a magnet to get website visitors to opt-in by adding a sign up form on the right side bar that would display on every page of the website.

As we started to collect email addresses from website visitors, we need a way to start to communicate with them and draw them into our sales funnel and we used MailChimp for this and created an email drip series for all of these contacts and email address.

Pop Up Domination
The sign up form for our ebooks did not work as expected and I only got about one opt-in on average per day. After seeing a pop up on a website that popped up just as I was about to leave the website, I thought this would be a good way to improve our opt-in rate. After researching pop up tools, I found a tool called Pop Up Domination that pops up when the website visitor is leaving and I implemented that and we went from one opt-in on average per day to around twenty per day.

Webinar Series
As our opt-in email list started to grow, we decided to invite them to sales training webinars as an additional way to get them engaged and into our sales funnel.

We would record all of our sales training webinars and post them on YouTube. After doing this year after year, YouTube as begun to see us as subject matter experts for keywords that we have associated with our videos and this has created additional traffic to our website because each video has a link back to our website.



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