It can be easy for us to see that there is a need for a cold call script when making outbound calls and then have a feeling that there is not a need for an inbound call script when receiving calls from prospects.

Why We Feel This Way
This is very understandable for two reasons. First, inbound calls where a prospect calls you are a much easier sales situation and not nearly as complex as making an outbound call to a prospect that is completely cold.

But not only is an inbound call from a prospect easier, but you also can fall into a trap where you think that the prospect is both qualified and completely interested since they are calling you. As a result, you can feel like you do not need to go through some of the key steps to qualify and build interest as you would when making an outbound sales call.

Why You Should Use an Inbound Call Script
Here are four reasons why you should consider using some sort of inbound call script when receiving inbound calls from prospects.

To Gather Information from the Prospect
If the prospect calls you, they are likely going to have some questions to ask you. It is easy to just go through the motions and answer their questions and let that be your only focus.

But you do not need to stop there. Answer their questions and then establish more of an exchange of information where you also ask the prospect some key questions. Try to gather the information that will help you to fully understand what is going on with the prospect, what their needs are, why they are calling you, etc.

To Qualify the Prospect
Don’t assume that the prospect is qualified in terms of needing, wanting, and being able to purchase from you just because they are spending energy and time to call you. Include qualifying questions in your inbound call script so that you have clarity in terms of how qualified the prospect is.

To Build Interest
Don’t assume that the prospect is fully interested in your products or services just because they call you. They may be calling your competition as well and they might not have complete knowledge of your company and your products.

This is how an inbound call script can help as it can help you to remember to include key things in the conversation that help you to communicate the benefits you offer, the problems you can fix, how you differ from your competition, examples of other customers you have helped, ROI that you can deliver, etc.

To Get More Control Over the Sales Cycle
It can be easy to take an inbound call, answer all of the prospect’s questions, and then let the call end on the prospect’s terms with no clear next steps. This will not provide you with a lot of control over the sales cycle and where things go from there.

Using some sort of call script will help you to stay focused on closing the prospect for the appropriate next steps and positioning them to get started in some sort of sales cycle or sales process.

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