A very important part of the sales process is developing the sales message. Even though it’s important, often it’s skipped over and we lean toward just “winging it.” The following are some things to think about in order to improve your development of sales messaging.


Identify Your Value

The value you offer is one of the key components of your sales messaging. It’s how you help your clients and/or what your products help them achieve.

We can easily fall into a rut of speaking primarily about our products and what they do which makes this a key step. “What is in it for me” is what the prospect wants to hear, and herein lays the challenge.


Focus on Your Prospect Pain

Talking too much about ourselves in our sales message is another trap we can fall into. You want to talk about your prospect more in order to be most effective. One area to focus on with your sales messaging is where your prospect is having challenges.

You want to have the ability to get conversations centered on the challenges that you can help resolve to be most effective.

Identify and incorporate into your sales messaging the pain points you help to resolve.


Build Out Your Qualifying Questions

You might primarily think about the statements you make that describe what you offer when thinking about your sales message. The reality is that a bigger and more important part of your sales messaging should be the questions you ask.

By asking qualifying questions, it helps you to extract valuable information from the prospect as well as they’ll help you determine if it makes sense to add them to your pipeline and spend time with them.

Then, build a list of key questions you should ask a prospect to qualify them as well as identify if they need what you offer.


Prepare for Objections

When prospecting, we’ll always face objections. Objections are the prospect’s messaging, but our response to those objections should be part of our sales message.

You’ll consistently face about ten objections. Simply list out those objections and prepare responses for them which make it easy and helpful.

Avoiding the impulse to attempt resolving and overcoming the objection as well as shifting to try getting around the objection, is one tactic for objection responses. Redirecting the objection by responding by asking one of your qualifying questions is yet another tactic.


Building Interest

In order to trigger interest, there are some ways to develop your sales messaging. Keep focused on the ROI you have to offer, how you stand out from the competition, the impacts of doing nothing at all as well as the future state should a purchase be made.

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