The fourth step in creating a sales message is to brainstorm and organize the different questions that should be included in your sales message. The Questions area in the Sales Message Builder is broken down into 9 categories of questions:

  1. Pain Questions: These are questions that probe if the prospect has the pain points that the user brainstormed in the previous step of Pain Points
  2. Current Environment: These are questions that try to gather information on what the prospect is using or has purchased in the area where the user has something to sell 
  3. Need vs. Want: These are questions that try to identify if an interested prospect has more of a need or more of a want for the user’s product or service
  4. Funding Availability: These are questions that try to identify if the prospect has the money or funding needed to be able to purchase what the user is selling
  5. Decision Authority: These are questions that try to identify how much purchasing power the prospect has and who else is involved in making the purchasing decision
  6. Competition Level: These are questions that try to identify the level of competition in terms of the prospect’s other options for purchasing what the user sells
  7. Trial Closing: These are questions that are designed to perform a test close of the prospect to try to identify what the prospect is thinking and wanting at any point in the sales process
  8. Soft Closing: These are questions that perform a soft close of the prospect
  9. Hard Closing: These are questions that try to more firmly close the prospect

The Questions area of the Sales Message Builder provides answer boxes for the user to brainstorm questions to ask in all of these different categories. The category labels are all customizable as well if the user wants to change the name of a category to something else that fits better with the product being sold.

Except for the Pain Questions category, all of the answer boxes have been prefilled with generic questions that can be used for most sales situations. The Pain Questions category must be filled in by the user because those are unique for each product and situation. The user can edit and delete any of the prefilled questions according to what makes sense for the product being sold.

The user has an option to Add Follow-Up Questions to each answer box. When this button is pressed, the user will be asked what a prospect might say to the question and will have an additional answer box to enter a follow-up question to the response that was entered. This will show up as a question tree outline in the sales scripts.

There is a checkbox at the top of each question category page labeled “Hide in Qualifier”. By default, all of the categories and questions are displayed in a tool in the CRM called Qualifier. If this checkbox is selected, the entire category will be hidden in the Qualifier.

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