The last step in the process to create a sales message is to add and modify objections and objection responses. All sales messages are preloaded with the following objections and objection responses:

  • I am busy right now.
  • What is this in regards to?
  • Is this a sales call?
  • They are no longer here
  • I am not the right person
  • I am not interested.
  • Just send me some information.
  • We already use someone for that.
  • We do not have any budget/money right now.
  • We are not making any changes right now.
  • Please call back in X weeks/months

All of these objections are fully customizable and additional objections can be added as well. Each objection will have three fields that need to be filled out:

  1. Title: In this field, put the objection or question that a prospect may say
  2. Response label: This field is used as a label for the objection responses you create for one objection if you create more than one. If your objection only has one response, you do not need to enter a response label.
  3. Response: In this field, enter the response for what should be said in response to the objection or question.

Since this step is preloaded with objections, you can skip this step when you are just getting started and come back later to edit objection responses and add objections that are specific to your product or industry.

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