In this video we discuss the best way to sell SaaS software. This tactic and approach is something that I was exposed to when I got hired for a software sales job in the middle of my sales career and that is to go out and have business conversations instead of talking about products and solutions

I say “exposed to” this way to sell SaaS software instead of taught because I was not instructed how to implement this tactic and I was actually not successful with this. My manager said he hired me because I had an MBA and a higher level of business acumen and that he wanted me to go out and have business conversations with prospects.

A Great Approach
At the time I thought this was a good strategy and since then I have only grown believe in this approach and here are some reasons why:

  • The prospect does not care about your product
  • The prospect is not in buying mode
  • The prospect gets sold to a lot
  • Speaking the prospect’s language
  • Talking about what they care about

But it is Not That Easy
While this is a more effective approach, it is not necessarily that easy. First of all, you likely sell SaaS software, it is likely the case that you sell to many different types of businesses and industries. This can make it difficult to have a lot of knowledge about the prospect’s business and can make it difficult to know what to say and ask.

A Way to Make it Easy
What if we can solve those challenges and make it easy to have business conversations with prospects when you sell SaaS software? We have a step-by-step process that you can go through to organize the key things to talk about.

Step 1 – Product
The first step in the process is to identify key details about the product that you are selling. In addition to making a list of features, try to think about how your product is different from the competition.

Step 2 – Value
The next step is to think about how the product and features will help in terms of improvements. If you can make a list of benefits, this will be great stuff to talk about and takes you in the direction of having business conversations when talking with prospects.

Step 3 – Pain
Once you have a list of benefits or improvements that your software can create, for each improvement is often a pain point that can be resolved or minimized. With that, use the benefits list to create a list of pain points that you can help to make go away.

Step 4 – Pain Questions
If you have a list of pain points that your SaaS software can help to address, then there is a question or two for each pain point that you could ask to probe if the prospect is concerned about that area.

Putting it All Together
All of the points that are brainstormed through that process can be used to have business conversations with prospects when you sell SaaS software and you can easily mix and match them to create call scripts, emails, presentations, and more.

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