One thing that every salesperson should have is the elevator pitch. You’ll be seriously hampering your sales efforts if you can’t precisely and clearly explain what you have to offer.


What not to do with Your Elevator Pitch

First, let’s look at some things that you might want to avoid before we discuss some of the things to think about when building your elevator pitch.

Too Product Focused

Having a sales pitch that is very product-focused is a common mistake for salespeople and business owners. Basically, this is when the pitch just says what the salesperson sells – “We sell [product or service].”

The person listening to the pitch might be thinking “Who cares” or “So what” which is a problem. Remember that just about everybody that you speak to will be most concerned with “What is in it for me.” With that said, talking just about your products doesn’t answer this.

Too Detailed

Also, we can easily go into too much detail during the elevator pitch, which means going into the speeds and feeds when speaking about how the product works and/or what it does.

Due to time limitations, a quick sales pitch is not the time to go into this much detail. In addition, you may have not earned the right to go into that much detail with the prospect, and/or you really don’t have their full attention or enough of their attention to go that deep.

Too Long

Just like going into too much detail is the other issue of going too long with the elevator pitch. This means you go on and on and take too much time attempting to explain what you do and what you have to offer.

You might start to lose the prospect by dragging the pitch on too long, which causes a problem. Also, you might create a conversation that is more focused on you and less on the prospect.


Building a Good Elevator Pitch

Now, the following are a few key things that you do want to do.

Focus on the Value that You Offer

Shift to discussing what your products help the prospect do or help them achieve instead of talking about your products which is the value you have to offer. This change, by itself, helps build a more compelling elevator pitch.

Focus on the Pain that You Resolve

In addition, be sure to mention the pain that you help to resolve in your sales pitch. It’s a quick way to explain to someone what you do as well as one of the best ways to get a prospect’s attention.

Use Brevity

Include some brevity with your sales pitch, which could really be as short as one sentence and shouldn’t exceed a couple of sentences.

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