We held a webinar on “10 for When You Feel Like You Suck at Sales” and the third sales tip is to become more value aware. This refers to having more clarity around the value that you offer your customers and keeping that in mind when selling.

This is important for a couple of reasons. First, it can be easy to fall into a trap of talking primarily about your products and what they do. And to do this in an attempt to build interest.

But one of the more powerful ways to build interest is to teach your prospects how your products help them. Not what the products do but what improvements the products will bring to the customer. So by using this sales tip and becoming more value aware, you will communicate better and generate more interest (sell more).

But another big reason to use this sales tip and become more value aware is that it can be easy to either feel down when getting rejected or to feel nervous about reaching out to a cold prospect. This can not only make selling an unpleasant job, but it can also decrease your level of effort and sales activities.

What can help with all of that is keeping at the front of your mind the value that you offer (the benefits you deliver).

Your products and services help in some way or another and this is your value and when you always keep this in mind, you should feel less down when you get rejected. Because if you communicated how you help and then you get rejected, the prospect does not need the help that you provide.

This can also help to decrease some of the nervousness and anxiety that you get with cold prospecting as you are not calling to bug people and push your products. The reason that you are not doing that is that you provide help (your benefits) and you are calling them to see if they are one of the people out there that needs your help.

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