It can seem like a difficult thing to figure out what to say on a cold call. There are things you can do to improve your ability to know what to say on a cold call, keeping in mind that every call is unique and you never really know what direction the call is going to go.


Using a Cold Call Script

A good first step to improving knowing what to say is to initiate using a cold call script. The first thing to focus on is adopting a script in your process, as many people either don’t see the value in a script or don’t want to put the effort into building and using one.

By using a cold call script, it can greatly help you with knowing what to say on a cold call as you will have spent time preparing what to say ahead of time. The process of writing a script and then reviewing it can greatly improve your ability to have some talking points while cold calling.


Building a Cold Call Script

Many ways exist to build a cold call script. Some prefer to build a script that should be read word for word, while others will use an outline structure that outlines all of the key points and questions.

An outline structure is less to memorize, provides more flexibility, and can sometimes be a more effective tool than a word-for-word script helping you to know what to say on a cold call. A cold call can go in many different directions. Using an outline is more of a guide to cold calling that summarizes and cleanly lists out the different questions and statements that should be made to create a productive and successful cold call.


What to Put in Your Cold Call Script

Your cold call script should be a combination of both statements and questions.


Cold Call Questions

It is important to have a few questions prepared for the prospect during your cold call. You will find these helpful for a couple of reasons.

Try to qualify a prospect a little bit during your cold call to identify if they are the correct person for you to spend your valuable time working with. Have some questions available to make the call more conversational and help draw in the prospect.


Cold Call Statements

Key statements to trigger interest are important to include in your script. They should be like “silver bullets” that can be fired away to get the prospect’s attention and help get their commitment to schedule a meeting or formal conversation.

In conclusion, if you embrace the concept of using a script, build it out where it has questions to make sure that you’re speaking to the right person, and have key points for what to share with the prospect to build interest, you can greatly improve your ability to know what to say on a cold call.


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