Do you use a cold calling email in your prospecting strategy? What exactly is a cold call email? In this article, we will try to outline exactly what this tactic is and how best to use it.

To best outline this, we will break down the different types of emails and things to consider with each.


No Phone Call Email

One tactic that some salespeople employ is to use an email in place of a cold call over the phone. This email will typically have some sort of call to action and that could be getting agreement to meet, getting the recipient to agree to attend an event, getting the recipient to download or sign up for something, etc.

One of the main pros of this approach is that it is very cost-effective. You can send a large number of emails very easily at a very low cost per email.

The downside is that you are only “touching” the prospect with one communication method. It is very difficult to get a prospect’s attention these days and one thing that can help with that is using more of a multi-touch approach with different communication methods.


Pre-Call Email

Another type of cold calling email is a pre-call email. This is an email that you send to a prospect before you make your phone prospecting call.

This can be effective as you may get a response from the email and not have to make your cold call, which is a great outcome. And if you do not hear back from your email, you can still execute your phone prospecting call and if the prospect has read and remembered your email, you will not be starting at square 1.

One very effective way to execute the pre-call cold calling email is to send the email through email marketing software that allows you to send a large number of emails out at once and track the opens and clicks.

You can then make your cold calls to the clicks first, opens next, and others last. This can greatly improve where you are spending your time and decrease the amount of blind cold calling that you are doing.


Post-Call Email

Another type of cold calling email is an email that you send to the prospect right after you speak with them. Regardless of how the conversation went, it can help to send an email with additional information.

This is important for a couple of reasons. First, this can be a way for you to share additional information. Secondly, this presents an opportunity for something to easily get filed away on the prospect’s side or in their email.


Post-Voicemail Email

The last type of cold calling email is the post-voicemail email. This is an email that you should send to the prospect after leaving them a voicemail message. This is helpful as it creates that multi-touch effect. And also creates an easier way for the prospect to extract your contact info and follow back up with you.


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