In this video, we discuss how helpful sharing customer examples when cold calling can be and how best to do it.


Why This Is Helpful

Simply sharing short customer examples when talking to prospects on cold calls can be extremely helpful for three reasons:

Establish credibility (social proof)
When you share an example of another customer that you have worked with on a cold call, you will establish more credibility for what you are saying your product can do and make it easier for the prospect to trust you and your company.

Can help explain what you sell
If you sell something that the prospect is not aware of, it can often be difficult to explain what your product is or does. Sharing a customer example can help with this because it might help the prospect to understand what you are talking about.

Build interest
Sharing an example of how your product helped another customer can often help to make the prospect more interested.


Your Example Needs to Be Short

The challenge with sharing customer examples on cold calls is that you don’t have much time to work with so you really need to be quick with the example that you share. In the video, we provide a template that you can plug your info into that is only three sentences that do a very good job of explaining how you helped another customer in a very short amount of time.

Below is the template and example that we shared in the video:

We worked with a sales trainer at a software company and they were having difficulty getting their reps to learn the pitch.
We helped to solve that by implementing our SMART Sales System.
This not only made it easier to teach reps what to say, but ultimately it helped to make the training department look a lot better.


When to Squeeze in the Customer Examples

Cold calls can be very fast and short, and this can make it difficult to figure out when to share your example with the prospect. If you are familiar with our cold call process, we can look at that to find two good places to share a customer example.

The purpose of the call
You can share your customer example at the very beginning of the cold call by sharing it as the purpose for your call. Basically, you helped someone, and that is why you are calling – you are calling to see if they need the same help that you provided to someone else.

Right before the close
The other place to share a customer example during a cold call is right before you go for the close. Right before you try to get the prospect to agree to move to the next step in your sales process, share your short customer example and this might help you to increase interest just a little more to improve your ability to successfully close the prospect.

We hope this gives you some new ideas for how to use Customer Examples When Cold Calling!