If you are looking for a sales job or looking to hire a salesperson, the new job board created by SalesScripter might be able to help you. SalesScripter recently launched a new sales job board called Work-At-Home Sales Jobs that is designed to connect small businesses with easy to hire work-at-home sales resources.

Why did we create this?
One of the main reasons why we created www.workathomesalesjobs.com is that a major portion of the customers that use SalesScripter to create their scripts are also needing to hire salespeople.

With that being such a frequent need for our users, we created an area inside of the SalesScripter application where our users can create job postings. When a job posting is created in SalesScripter, the posting will then be displayed on www.workathomesalesjobs.com where anybody can see it and apply.

How is this different from other job boards?
While this job board is just getting started, the vision for this makes this a very unique job board and different from all of the different boards that are out there. And that is all tied to the concept that most of the SalesScripter users that are posting jobs are using similar sales scripts, sales methodology, and software.

With all of the hiring managers using similar processes, that means that when the work-at-home salespeople change from one project to another, they will be easy to onboard because they will already be familiar with everything. This creates almost a “sales rep on demand” type of model.

This job board is also unique for the job seeker in that the more projects they work from clients on www.workathomesalesjobs.com, they will become more attractive to the next because of how easy they will be to onboard.

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