We have started using a third-party tool called Potion to help us improve our cold email open and click-through rates and we wanted to share this tool with our customers and followers. This tool is a Chrome extension app that makes it easy for your to create video email messages.

I demonstrate how this works in this video, but the key concept is that you can record the message you want to send a prospect or customer and send the video in your message instead of sending a long written message. One thing we like about this tool is that it displays your message in the email with a preview icon that functions as gif shows part of your message. Not only does this make it more enticing to click on the video, but it also makes the contact feel safer and more secure clicking the link because it looks very polished and professional.

Here is a link to Potion’s website – video email software.

Here is a link to their app on in the Google Chrome Extension web store – click here.

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