One thing that many of us try to achieve is figuring out how to be a great salesperson. There are very clear things that we can learn and implement to assist us with this.

1. Continue to learn

It is helpful to adopt a philosophy of continuous learning and increasing your knowledge to be a great salesperson. It is true that you may have years of experience, but there you can always gain additional knowledge to add to your existing base of experience and skills.

Let’s focus on two different areas to assist with developing your knowledge and skills. Sales training resources and materials are important for improving your sales skills and knowledge. In addition, add to that product training to enable you to continue to improve your level of expertise in the products that you sell.

2. Focus on preparation

Commonly, we don’t prepare enough when selling because we can often just pick up the phone or go into meetings without planning exactly what we’re going to say. But, if we take a step back and prepare better, we’ll have more understanding for how to be a great salesperson.

The following are a few different areas where preparation leads to positive improvement in our results:

  • Research: Usually, it is beneficial to research your prospects as well as their industry before calling or meeting with them.
  •  Sales script: Commonly, salespeople approach sales calls by using talking points that just come to their minds at that moment. In reality, there are tremendous benefits that come from organizing your points and questions in a sales script before and then utilizing that as a guide when speaking with prospects.
  • Objections: No doubt, facing objections in just about every discussion with a prospect is expected. A clear key to how to be a great salesperson is listing these out and preparing ahead of time.

3. Increasing activity

Great results and high activity levels go hand in hand. By increasing your calls and meetings, you’ll most likely increase your leads as well as sales results.

4. Improving Execution

Activity alone won’t get you where you need to be for how to be a great salesperson. The following are key execution areas that you’ll need to focus on:

  • Qualifying the prospect: Always keep in mind that your time is valuable. Qualify your prospects to avoid wasting your valuable time with prospects who don’t have a high probability of purchasing from you.
  • Find pain: Try to uncover pain when qualifying the prospect. This will help you to determine which prospects to work with as well as generate more leads.
  • Building rapport: It is a given that prospects buy from vendors they like and can relate to. By building rapport, they become favorable to you as well as responsive during the sales cycle.
  • Building interest: In conclusion, you’ll need to have the ability to create interest when talking with prospects.
    Trial closing: By trial closing your prospects during every discussion, it allows you to know where you stand and what direction you are going in with being a great salesperson.

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