Unfortunately, you are guaranteed to run into sales objections on just about every cold call. Either it is the prospect simply being busy or that they are not interested or that they ask you to just send your information.

These objections can not only be challenging, but they can also be downright frustrating and sometimes ruin your day.

The good thing is that there are only about 10 objections that you will consistently face. With that being such a low number, you can easily build a list of the most common objections that will come up for you and from there you can prepare some responses.

Ok, maybe developing the responses is easier said than done. But we do have some logic to help you with how to respond to objections.

First, when facing objections during cold calls and sales prospecting, the main goal of your response is not to resolve the objection. It is more to simply keep the call going. You do not have time to address the objection head on so don’t even try it.

We recommend deflecting the objection into a new, yet still related area. Respond by asking one of your prequalifying questions. Or by sharing some of the common pain points that your customers had before they came over to you.